10 Unique Picture Frame Ideas For Decorating Your Home

Picture Frame Ideas | Fill Up Those Blank Walls At Any Budget

Do you have some blank walls you would love to fill up with picture frames but you don’t have any expensive artwork to frame? Like the idea of using picture frames to decorate your home but don’t know what to frame? Need some wall decor inspiration? Well luckily I have compiled a list of different picture frame ideas to give you some inspiration and hopefully some direction in your wall decorating project.

1. Nature Prints

If you love nature, here are a couple picture frame ideas to create beautiful and serene wall art:

framed nature prints gallery wall

Source: Passion Shake | Prints by Pernille Folcarelli

To get this look: Buy a variety of different nature prints of different sizes, frame them with a combination of different picture frames, and create a gallery wall

nature prints gridlike gallery wall for home decor

Source: Country Living


To get this look: Buy matching prints of the same size, frame with matching picture frames, and create a grid-like gallery wall.

2. One Large Piece

You could keep it simple and just go on the search for one large piece of art. By far the simplest of picture frame ideas!

one large picture frame for living room decor

Source: Pinterest

3. Family Portrait

What better to showcase than your own family? If your looking for a personal picture frame idea this one is for you!

family portrait picture frame idea for wall decor

Source: Pinterest

4.  Baby Name

This idea is great for a nursery!

Picture frame idea for nursery DIY

Source: Apartment Therapy

To get this look:

  • Order wooden letters (you can get them at Craftcuts)
  • Once you recieve the letters, lay them out on the floor and measure the size you would like your picture frame to be
  •  Order a custom picture frame in that size with no glazing or backing (just the frame). I would go with a wood picture frame from Frames 4 Less

5. A Quote

What will inspire you daily?

Picture Frame Idea - Quote - Wall Decor for bedroom

Source: Hunted Interior

typography wall art idea for home office decor

Source: A Merry Mishap

6.  Just Frames

Skip the art altogether and hang empty picture frames!

empty picture frames wall decor idea

Source: Style Me Pretty

7. Maps

Showcase your favorite city by framing a map!

picture frame idea of framed map for wall decor

Source: My World Apart

8. Chalkboard

By framing a chalkboard you can get different looks on different occasions. You can draw on it, write on it…. the sky is the limit! (Search chalkboard design on Pinterest for tons of ideas!)

framed chalkboard wall decor idea

Source: Brit + Co

Tip: To frame a chalkboard order a custom frame with no glazing. Make sure the rabbeth is larger than the thickness of your chalkboard.

9. Mirror

What better art is there than your own reflection?

Framed mirror wall decor idea

Source: Elements of Style 

10. Our last but and most creative picture frame idea – Your own art project

Are you feeling creative? Do you just love DIY’s? You don’t have to consider yourself an artist to make your own artwork! There are tons of neat Do-It-Yourself art projects all over Pinterest. This can definately be the biggest budget saver while still looking classy!

diy art project to frame

Source: Wit and Whistle 

All this is missing is the frame. Once you finish your DIY art project, just build your own custom picture frame to match it!

When decorating your walls the sky is the limit. There are countless ways to showcase your personality on your blank walls. If you have any other awesome picture frame ideas please comment below and I’m more than happy to answer any questions!

10 Ways To Enhance Your Living Room Decor With Picture Frames

Whether you want to revamp your living room decor or your decorating for the first time, picture frames are an essential component in a home’s interior design. So if your wondering how to incorporate picture frames into your interior design project, here are 10 unique ways to make it happen.

Get inspired, tap into that creativity and start designing your ideal living room decor

1. On your Fireplace

Lay your picture frames on top of your fireplace. This is a simple, yet effective technique, for those of you who have fireplaces.

living room decor with picture frames over fireplaceSource: 47 Park Avenue

2. Hanging Shelves

Oh how I love hanging picture frame shelves!  Such a neat wall decor idea that often looks amazing behind your living room couch. Plus- No picture frame hanging required!

gallery wall on hanging shelves in living roomSource: Pinterest

3. Grid-Like and Matching

Do you love the gallery wall look but overwhelmed with it’s complexity?  Instead find matching artwork, frame them identically, and hang in a grid-like fashion. Result = A stress-less gallery wall with the same effect.

grid like gallery wall in living room decorSource: Hommemaker, Image by Tessa Neustadt, Designed by Homeplish, Drawings by Sandra Chervier

4. Use Mirrors

Skip the art altogether and use the beauty of your own reflection. You can create a unique gallery wall by framing mirrors of different sizes. All you need to do is pick beautiful picture frames that complement your living room’s decor .

mirror gallery wall in living roomSource: Domino, Image by William Abranowicz

5. Matching Picture Frames

Keep it simple without it looking simple. Create your own gallery wall using a few large prints, posters, or photographs. Pick a simple black picture frame to frame all of your art in. The bold prints below really work together and make the living room a stunning masterpiece.

living room picture frame gallery wallSource: Pinterest

6. One Large Picture Frame

The powerful impact of one oversized picture frame can be all you need to create your ideal living room decor!

living room decor with simple wall decorSource: The Design Files, Photo by Sean Fennessy, Painting by Julian Meagher

7. One Medium Picture Frame 

Sometimes less is more. You don’t want to go oversized? No worries, a smaller picture frame can work just fine! The simple abstract piece below did wonders in creating an adhesive and stunning living room.

living room decor ideaSource: Pinterest

8. Use Loved Ones

If you have kids, or dogs that are like your kids, frame their photographs. In order for this to look professional you should take your kids (or dogs) to a photo-shoot to create similar looking professional photographs. Like below, black and white photography works wonderfully with a white matboard and a black picture frame.

living room wall decor with kids photographySource: Pinterest

9. Side by Side 

Find matching art pieces and hang side by side. To get the look below, find complementing pieces by the same artist and frame identically. The side by side look can also look great with different art pieces and different sizes if you want to get creative!

living roomd decor with butterfly prints in picture framesSource: Stylizimo

10. Go Crazy Insane and Create an Eclectic Gallery Wall

Forget organization. Mix different types of art and frames of all sizes and colors and create a beautiful mess of a gallery wall for the ultimate living room decor.

living room with an extensive wall of artSource: The Design Files, Photo by Sean Fennessy, Home of Cressida Campbell

The Simple Answer to Decorating your Bedroom Walls

Wondering how to decorate your bedroom walls?

One of my favorite and simplest bedroom wall decor ideas is adding one XL piece. It’s way easier than arranging a whole gallery wall and can still be as effective. All you have to do is pick an oversized painting, photograph, print or any other art medium and frame it!

Check out some of my favorite bedrooms who used large picture frames and got large results!

Bedrooms with oversized wall decor:

bedroom decor with very large 1920's framed posterEnormous framed 1920’s poster completes this bedroom’s wall decor.  Such a huge piece can be intimidating, but if you take that leap it can have a bold impact.

Source: House and Garden

bedroom decor with a large framed canvas quoteBy far the simplest. A quote on an oversized canvas wrapped in a gold floater frame.

Source: Rikki Snyder

large abstract painting in bedroom decorAn XXL abstract painting for a bachelor pad’s modern bedroom.

Source: Refinery 29

large framed artwork for bedroom wall decorThis bedroom skipped the headboard and added a large landscape painting with a wooden picture frame in its place.

Source: VD Vintage Design

large framed map for bedroom wall decorA huge map of Paris is framed in a black and gold picture frame and used as a headboard in this sophisticated bedroom.

Source: Matouk

Hope these examples stirred up your creative juices.

Oversized bedroom wall decor is a great idea for those of us that want to keep it simple but still want a banging statement. Finding the right piece and the perfect picture frame will be the only challenge.  Just keep in mind, oversized art and picture frames do get pricey. But since your sticking with one piece it’s worth the investment

How to Custom Frame Expensive Art | Framing Tips

If your looking to frame an expensive piece of art, you need to take more precautions in the custom framing process. If you want your art to retain its value there are two important things that you have to look out for. First, it’s important that your custom frame protects your artwork (not damages it), and second it’s necessary that your artwork is safely removable from the picture frame.

living room decor with expensive art gallery wallSource: Domaine Home

  1. Does my custom frame protect my artwork?

At times picture frames can cause more damage than protection. In order for your art to be protected, a few guidelines have to be met:

Go acid-free.

Make sure acid-free materials are being used. You want to keep your art away from anything containing acid or your art will deteriorate over time. Verify with your custom framer that the following materials are acid-free:

  • Matboard
  • Tape
  • Mounting board

Make sure you add a glazing.

The glazing is the clear protective cover usually in the form of glass or acrylic (aka plexiglass). If you bypass the glazing your art will be susceptible to dirt, chemicals, dust, insects, and any other particles floating around. Over time these particles will decay your art.

  • The glazing cannot touch the artwork. There has to be some type of space in between the artwork and the glazing or else it can rub against the art and cause it damage.
  • If you need help choosing between glass and acrylic, check out Acrylic VS Glass.
  • Exemption: DO NOT add a glazing to oil and acrylic paintings
  1. Can I safely remove my artwork from my custom frame?

When you custom frame expensive art, it’s critical to be able to remove your artwork from the frame without it being damaged. Art permanently attached to a picture frame will lose value. Do not dry mount. Dry mounting is the process of attaching an artwork to a mounting board by using a heat press or a vacuum to flatten and secure it. In order to ensure safe removal of your art, ask your custom framer NOT to use a semi-permanent or permanent mounting method.


custom frame expensive art - artwork by pablo picassoPablo Picasso’s “Femme Assise Pres d’une Fenetre” – $44.9 Million | Source: Huffington Post

Properly protecting expensive artwork is critical in the custom framing process. It’s important you take museum-grade precautions.

Make sure you protect your art now so you won’t be sorry later.

Inspiring Gallery Walls in Bohemian Styled Homes


(n.) a person who has informal and unconventional social habits

The boho chic look really connects to my hippie, free-spirited side.  When I think bohemian decor, I think laid back, Moroccan, wild patterns, lots of plants, and the list goes on. Being an art and framing fanatic, I noticed that most bohemian interiors lack picture frames.

So I wanted to clear something up:

YES you can add a gallery wall to your bohemian home decor.

But don’t forget, the sole definition of bohemian is unconventional, so there isn’t a formula to create a boho gallery wall. I compiled a collection of beautiful bohemian inspired homes that use picture frames to enhance their decor. If you notice they are all very different, true boho style!

Bohemian home decor - living room

Source: Boots and Pine via Brooklyn to West

bohemian living room decor with gallery wall

Source: Gorta Yuuki

bohemian decor with picture frames

Source: AD

boho home decor with gallery wall

Source: Pinterest

bohemian home decor gallery wall

Source: Bedroompedia

bohemian living room gallery wall

Source: Apartment Therapy

Eclectic bohemian bedroom with empty picture frames

Source: Pinterest

bohemian bedroom decor

Source: Delightfully Tacky


Bohemian home decor is an eclectic mix of colors, patterns, plants, rugs, etc. You can definitely add picture frames to the equation and come out with something magnificent like in the examples above. If you want to create your own bohemian inspired gallery wall I suggest mixing in some wood toned picture frames to keep the earthy vibe alive.

Abstract DIY Wall Art with Painters Tape

Make your own Wall Art

This is my first ever d0-it-yourself project! I love the idea of creating my own wall art and decorating my home with it. Not all of us can afford expensive artwork, and even if we can, making our own adds an amazing personal touch to our home.


Abstract DIY Wall Art


Whether you just enjoy DIY projects or you’re looking to spice up your home’s decor with picture frames and are in need of art, this easy abstract wall art project is for you!

But you don’t consider yourself an artist?

SO WHAT? This is an easy-to-follow d0-it-yourself craft for all levels. You don’t have to be an “artist” to create awesome wall art.

Level: Beginner

Let’s get started!

Step 1: 

Gather your supplies and set up your workstation. I set up on my balcony, but you can easily do this outdoors or even in your home (just make sure you get an old towel or some sort of protection for your floor).



  • Canvas (I used watercolor paper, but a canvas looks more professional)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Painters Tape (I used masking tape, it’s similar, but painters tape leaves a cleaner finish)
  • Medium/Large Paintbrush (1 is suffice but use as many as you want)
  • Acrylic Paint (Tempera works too, get 3-5 colors)
  • Cup of water (not a cup you care about, this is where you’ll be washing your paintbrush in between colors)
  • Paint Palette (disposable plate, cardboard, or any surface you feel safe putting paint!)


DIY Abstract Art Project Supplies


Step 2: 

Map where you’re placing the tape! Use your ruler and pencil and draw out where you’re going to put the tape. I know my tape is 1 inch wide, so I made my lines 1 inch thick.

DIY wall art step 2

Make sure you draw lightly with your pencil so you can play with the design before if becomes final!

DIY project - wall art idea

You can barely see my pencil marks but they’re there!


Step 3:

It’s time to tape! Carefully lay the tape over your pencil marks. Run your hand over the tape to smooth out all wrinkles and creases.

DIY wall art with painters tape

painters tape abstract diy wall art


Step 4:

Start painting!

This is where your creativity can flow. Make sure you have a color scheme in mind.  (Keep in mind if you’re planning on hanging your DIY project, make sure the colors you pick complement the room’s decor)

I started by applying a peach metallic to the background. Use your brush strokes to create texture.

paint your own DIY abstract wall art

Next layer on different colors

painting abstract DIY wall art craft

You can combine colors to make different shades

Paints and paintbrush for DIY abstract art

Keep layering….

painters tape painted abstract DIY wall art

Now that I felt my layering was complete, I decided to splat the peach metallic paint for a finishing touch!

DIY wall art idea splattering paint

DIY wall art idea with painters tape


Step 5:

Let it dry. I would say give it at least 3 hours to be safe.


Step 6: 

Peel the tape! But first make sure it’s dry.

Try to peel the top pieces first. MAKE SURE YOU PEEL SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY! This is the most important step.

peeled tape diy wall art craft

FYI: Since I used masking tape instead of painters tape, it was hard to rip off and it didn’t leave as crisp of a finish as I would’ve liked.

Step 7: 

Frame it! Build the perfect custom picture frame to go with your abstract DIY wall art.


Step 8:

Hang. Now that you have your finished DIY wall art project and it’s framed, hang it up either independently or add it to a gallery wall!

If you need help hanging, check out Tools to Hang a Picture Frame.

Check out some interior design inspiration for ideas of how to decorate  your home with picture frames.




Stylish Little Girls Bedroom Ideas: Framed Wall Decor


It’s time to add style to your little girls bedroom

I’ve searched the web and compiled a list of fantastic little girl bedrooms with awesome wall decor ideas. When decorating a kid’s room durability is important. But that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style!

I’ve included examples from luxurious to crafty rooms, and I’ve ranked the cost to recreate each wall decor idea (from $-$$$).

Here are ideas to create a gorgeous little girls bedroom (no matter what your budget is):


Idea #1: Large Framed Artwork

stylish little girls room decor idea

Source: Domaine

The daughters of country star, Darius Rucker, reside in this very stylish bedroom. Large matching paintings where framed and displayed above each bed. The colors and textures around the room bring a youthful spirit to a classy and sophisticated little girls bedroom.

Price Meter: $$$

Idea #2: Framed Animal Art

little girls bedroom decor idea

Source: The Design Files

This colorful, rustic little girls bedroom belongs to Gracie, the daughter of Sam Johnson of Vintage Posters Only.  The mix of wood and pink in this little girl’s bedroom is delightful. The wall decor is a success, combining glow in the dark stars, a wooden initial, and a beautiful art work of a duck in an unfinished wood picture frame.

Price Meter: $$

 Idea #3: Matching Framed Print and Wallpaper

little girls bedroom idea with fun wallpaper

Source: The Design Files

This charming little girls bedroom belongs to the daughter of interior designer, Suzanne Cunningham.  This room strays from traditional girl colors (hooray!) and still looks like a cute girl’s bedroom. The wallpaper is unique and I love how it matches with the framed print. The result = a simple and one of a kind wall decor.

Price Meter: $

 Idea #4: Framed DIY Crafts

girls bedroom idea with DIY wall decorSource: The Lily Pad Cottage

This adorable little girls bedroom idea was designed by DIY Mastermind, Kelly of The Lily Pad Cottage. She used colorful empty picture frames to make fun wall decorations. I’m sure her daughter is delighted with her fun and girly gallery wall.

Price Meter: $

 Idea #5: Framed Animal Print Gallery Wall

girls bedroom with a gallery wall

Source: Censational Girl

Kate Riley, of the Censational Girl, redecorated her daughter’s room and created this delightful girl’s bedroom. A cute gallery wall was formed with alternating white, pastel green, and yellow picture frames with an array of animal prints (and a map)- little girl style.

Price Meter: $$$

 Idea #6: Framed Kids Art Gallery Wall

kids artwork gallery wall

Source: Sawyer and Berson

An apartment in Manhattan, decorated by Sawyer and Berson, hosts this stylish little girls bedroom. The wall decor couldn’t be more perfect! What better to frame than your kids own work?  That is definitely my favorite girls bedroom idea. You can tell the framing was done by an expert, which makes the gallery wall look professional.

Price Meter: $$


I hope these bedroom wall ideas will inspire you to create a room that both you and  your daughter will fall in love with!




9 Bizzare Things to Frame | Picture Frame Ideas

What to Frame?

What to put inside a picture frame isn’t limited to the obvious- photographs, artwork, diplomas, or prints. There are hundreds, if not thousands of creative ideas of what to put inside a picture frame. Whether you’re figuring out what to frame, or your just here for the ride, all these ideas are out of the box ways to spice up your wall decor- and be different!

The following are framing ideas that most of us would not have thought of on our own (including me). Pinterest has been phenomenal in helping me find dozens of creative picture frame ideas.

1. Shopping Bags

Gallery wall of framed shopping bags- Picture frame ideasSource: Pinterest

Get the look: Gather shopping bags from your favorite luxury stores, build a custom frame to fit them just right, and hang! If your trying to save money, this is definitely a free option (unless your a shopaholic and can’t walk into the store without buying anything).


 2. Fabric

Framed fabric gallery wall - picture frame ideasSource: Better Homes and Gardens

Get the look: Gather snippets of your favorite fabrics and frame. This is one of the simplest picture frame ideas.

3. Wedding Dress

 Wedding dress in a picture frame- picture frame ideasSource: Pinterest

This option is not for everybody and definitely not cheap!

Get the look: First get married, then frame your wedding dress and hang (most appropriately in your walk in closet- again not for everybody!)

4. Recipes

 Framed recipes - picture frame ideasSource: Tattered Style

If you have some old precious family recipes, you can frame them! Not only will it spice up your decor, but you will be protecting them as well!

5. Needlepoint

framed needlepoint gallery wall in dining room - picture frame ideas

Source: Pinterest

This one’s reserved for needlepoint enthusiasts (unless your mom or grandma is one). Get the look: Frame your needlework and arrange a gallery wall.

6. Sheet Music

Framed Vintage Sheet Music- Picture frame ideasSource: Beck Design

To make it personal, find sheet music of a song you love and create a gallery wall with the different pages. A grid-like wall design works best.

7. Maps

framed map gallery wall - picture frame ideasSource: Pinterest

Another popular unique item to frame are maps. What is your favorite country? I love how the map of France was cut into sections and framed to create a grid-like gallery wall.

8. Keys

Framed Key- Picture Frame ideas

Source: The Picket Fence Projects

Don’t know what to do with old keys? If they’re memorable, frame them! To get the look: Use a special key (ex: first home), tape it to a white surface, paper or fabric, write a description and frame.

9. Tiles

Framed til - picture frame ideas

Source: Future Tortoise Shell

Out of all the picture frame ideas, this is the one I definitely would not have thought of!

For more bizzare picture frame ideas check us out on Pinterest.

These are just a few examples of what to frame. What out of the ordinary object did you frame? Share your picture frame ideas with us!

Framing out of the ordinary items often requires a specific custom framing process. So if your unsure of how to frame a specific object feel free to ask me. Leave a comment or shoot us an email with questions.